Android App (direct install)

We temporarily only offer a direct and manual install of our Mermaid app.
Press the download button above to download the app.
For further install instructions please refer to the details on this page.

We’re are very sorry for the inconvenience.


We’ve encountered a temporary removal of our android app from the Play Store, due to Google’s new policies regarding AR apps. Google now requires all AR apps to present a warning to the user about potential hazards in traffic and the surroundings. While this makes sense for AR apps like Pokemon Go, it doesn’t make much sense for apps like ours, and since we didn’t present such warning Google simply removed our app.

Until we have resolved the issue with Google we resort to offering a direct install of the app. This however requires a few manual steps:

  1. Allow installs from unknown sources. Instructions in the video below.
  2. Download the app by pressing the Download button above
  3. Install the app by tapping the downloaded .apk file.

Setting the device option ‘Allow install from unknown sources’ to ON.

For instructions on how to set the ‘Allow install from unknown sources’, please check this video or search google for your specific android device.