Reviews and Publicity

November 20th, 2017
Awarded Tutora’s ‘Best Educational App 2017’ of 1 of top 20 educational apps for children between 5-10 years.

June 28th, 2017
Awarded GOLD WINNER of the Foreword Indies Book of The Year Award 2016 in the category Augmented Reality.

June 23th, 2017
Review by recognized danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten rating The Little Mermaid 5 out of 6 possible stars.
Article on

January 6 2017
Kickstarting the new year with a mention on this Top 7 list of Augmented Reality books.
WAC Magazine

November 25th 2016
Mentioned on TV2/Fyn (Danish regional TV station)
Prøv det selv: Den lille havfrue bliver levende i skolerne
by Mie Flyttov

November 24th 2016
Mentioned in Fyens Stiftidende (Danish newspaper) on the occasion of our donation of 1,000 books to the Hans Christian Andersen Foundation
Eventyr på en helt ny måde
by Jesper Mads Eriksen
















November 24th 2016
Mark gives a keynote at the Scandinavian Executive Meeting #2016 arranged by Schilling.


October 31st 2016
Reviewed on (Danish site for teaching specialists)
The future is here
by Nina Eriksen

September 2nd 2016
Reviewed in Weekendavisen (Danish newspaper)
Havfrue i 3D
by Christina Majcher

September 2nd 2016
Interactive article in the e-book section in MetroXpress, p. 28 (Danish news paper)
App giver H. C. Andersens eventyr nyt liv
by Lærke Jürs



August 30th 2016
Reviewed on Gode Apps til bø (in Danish)
Rating: 100%
Den lille havfrue fra Books & Magic
by René Høj

August 30th 2016
Reviewed in Magasinet Skolen, p. 26 (School Review in Danish)
H. C. Andersen i nye magisk skoleunivers

July 30th 2016
Reviewed on Æselø (in Danish)
Den lille havfrue af H. C. Andersen
by Rikke Dyrhave

July 26th 2016
Reviewed on (in Danish)
Rating: 5 STARS
Den lille havfrue (fra Books & Magic)
by SaraQ

July 13th 2016
Reviewed on Skal Vi Lege (in Danish)
Den lille havfrue krydret med Augmented Reality
by Thomas Berger

July 9th 2016
Reviewed in The iPhone App Review (Global)
Rating: 5 STARS
The Little Mermaid Is Simply Awesome
by Sarah Hanlon

June 25th 2016
Reviewed in The Smartphone App Review (Global)
Rating: 95%
The Little Mermaid Book Phone Review
by Brihanna Watson

June 24th 2016
Featured on (India)
Word’s First Digital Playable Book Launched in Denmark
by Bala

June 23rd 2016
Featured on (Sweden)
The Little Mermaid AR-Book Released
by Jacob Riis

June 22nd 2016
Reviewed in The Apple Google (India)
Rating: 4,9 / 5 STARS
The Little Mermaid – A Magical Way To Read A Book
by Suraj

June 22nd 2016
Featured on Graphic Arts Magazine (Canada)
World’s First Digital Playable Book
by Tony Curcio

June 22nd 2016
Featured on Ekstra (in Danish)
Nu bliver børnebogen interaktiv
by Heine Jørgensen

June 20th 2016
Featured on Danish national TV prior to book release (in Danish)
Go’Morgen Danmark

June 20th 2016
Featured on (Ireland)
Bringing Children’s Stories to Life
by Jessica Kelly

December 24th 2015
Featured on Danish national TV (in Danish)
Go’Morgen Danmark

November 15th 2015
Featured on (in Danish)
Danske iværksættere vil sælge H. C. Andersen med ny teknologi
by Peter Simonsen

November 6th 2015
Mention in Forbes Magazine (USA)
48 Hours on the Nordic Start-up Scene
by Edmund Ingham