The Magic

Ignite your children’s imagination

The magic edition of this classic Hans Christian Andersen tale combines traditional physical books with a digital app to deliver an experience your kids will love. Instead of planting them in front of a TV or video give them the magic edition – and activate your children’s imagination. See what the experience is like.

The app

Discover the adventure

A new kind of storybook

Looking at the physical book through the app, children travel through the story. And they interact with and explore a rich and inspiring world of activity hidden all around what otherwise might be challenging texts.


App available on iOS & Android.

Magic features

Original Hans Christian Andersen story
Visual effects
Every illustration is magical
Interactive objects
Storyline games
Animated characters

The book

Inspire your children to read

Using the app, your children can discover the original Hans Christian Andersen text in a whole new way. Now they can interact to find a rich and inspiring world of activity hidden all around the classic fairy tale. And you can share the experience with them.

How it works

Traditional experience

The book offers:

Beloved Little Mermaid story
Original classic literary version
New illustrations


New app technology

App enables you to:

Explore the story from any angle
Engage with literary universe
Interact, play and learn


Magical experience

New reading experience promotes:

Inspiration to read
Engaging with complex ideas
Love of literature & books


Take a peek at the magical world